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Accessible Borghese Gallery Tour with Villa in Rome Wheelchair-Friendly: The Power of Art

Nurture your passion for art on a private Borghese Gallery Tour in Rome in wheelchair

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Can art accompany us on life's journey?

Undoubtedly, by unlocking its language, becoming familiar with its vocabulary: one of the goals of this accessible tour of Rome in the exemplary art collection of Galleria Borghese.

The guided tour of the historic palace (early 17th century) of the Borghese Gallery is fully accessible with the following indications: the ticket office, located in the basement of the palace, has a side entrance equipped with a stairlift, but it will not be necessary to use it, as our guide will collect the tickets, which are free for the elderly person or disabled individual and their companion; access to the first floor for disabled is located at the back as our guide knows; and finally, you ascend to the second floor with an internal elevator.

With our tour specially designed to make these attractions accessible to wheelchair users it is possible to request a car for transportation to/from your hotel and to/from the airports of Rome.

Discover the great classical art, featuring Greek myths and Roman emperors depicted in bas-reliefs and statues and the gladiators in the mosaics, along with Renaissance and Baroque art showcasing a new taste for portraits and stunning sculptures with your private tour guide. Immerse yourself in the treasures of Gallery and Villa Borghese with this accessible and personalized guided tour tailored to your needs and passions.

Step into the Galleria Borghese with the same awe and wonder that undoubtedly filled the heart of its founder, Cardinal Scipione Borghese. As the nephew of Pope Paul V Borghese, elected pontiff in 1605, Scipione rose to become the official governor of the city and, in effect, the "master of Rome."

Uncover Scipione's insatiable thirst for art, as he wielded his immense political and economic power to acquire artworks, even illicitly, by resorting to stealing one from a church and even threatening artists with imprisonment. All to enjoy them in the present-day Borghese Gallery, a palace build in 1612 precisely for this purpose, where the works have been displayed ever since, until today (except for some famous ones transferred elsewhere).. Undoubtedly, in Baroque Rome, an art collection was a mark of distinction and social prestige, much like owning a Ferrari today, but it seems that Scipione was driven mainly by personal motivation, by an irrepressible passion.

Retrace the creative process that guided the artist Gianlorenzo Bernini, undisputed protagonist of Baroque Rome, to bring to life, from 1621, three great statues: The Rape of Proserpina, David, Apollo and Daphne, commissioned by Cardinal Scipione precisely for his gallery. The works represent highlights of ancient mythological stories, intrusive loves and escapes, transformations and ingenuity, which our guide will reveal to you along with the secrets of marble, sculpted with details so intricate they resemble crocheted cotton.

Contemplate and savor the grace and wise harmony with which Raphael, one of the geniuses of the Italian Renaissance alongside Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, delineates and illuminates the figures in his "Deposition Baglioni" and in other paintings housed in the Borghese Gallery.

Clearly, the experience of art aroused strong emotions in the cardinal, igniting and perhaps calming passions within him, stimulating his intellect. Exploring the halls of the Borghese Gallery, your imagination will also be stimulated by works such as the astonishing "Sleeping Hermaphroditus" (a creature with dual sexuality, both male and female) from ancient times and the paintings "Sacred and Profane Love" by Titian and "Diana's Hunt" by Domenichino.

Study the originality and the startling power of Caravaggio's paintings, including "Saint John the Baptist" and "David with the Head of Goliath". Capture the light cut into shadows, the vibrant and enigmatic figures, realistic and mysterious, while our guide introduces you to the crucial events of his life, as unsettling and extreme as his personality and his art.

Group tour
Group tour
12 max.

3 hours


  • check Borghese Gallery skip-the-line tickets with direct access for disabled people and their companion, upon presentation of the supporting documents.
  • check A licensed guide trained for accessible itineraries.
  • check Wheelchair rental available.
  • check Your private tour is designed through the best accessible itineraries. You will use accesses with ramps or other wheelchair-friendly passages.
  • check When necessary you will use a lift with the support of a site’s operator coordinated in advance by our guide.
  • check Any of your additional needs or interest requested at our office in advance will be considered and granted by our team

TOUR does't include

  • check Foods and drinks. However suggestions for accessible and good restaurants or café will be provided by our guide

Main sites Explored in the Tour

  • check The Rape of Proserpina
  • check Apollo and Daphne
  • check Paolina Bonaparte
  • check The Triumph of Divine Providence by Pietro da Cortona
  • check Sacred and Profane Love by Titian
  • check The Deposition by Raphael
  • check Masterpieces by Caravaggio

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From € 270

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The guide was an incredible resource. She included interesting back stories that not only told of the art, but of the people behind the art. I highly recommend this tour!!


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