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Eco-friendly, inclusive trips to critical discovery of history and art in Italy. A tourism well aware of the territory and local cultures

VISION: inclusive travel with transformative experiences, grow as an individual alongside your community.

MISSION: we offer inclusive, thematic, and innovative guided tours of Italian cities and villages. Re-interpreting the present through the lens of historical resources, change your life.

I have a dream. But also a certainty. The world will change as it has always changed under the distracted eyes of the contemporaries. Critical knowledge of history and art, the analysis of past events and great artistic creations, double our chance to give a better direction to our future.

Travelling to Rome, Florence, Venice, to the small villages and or Italian cities of art, it's a way to reduce the distance with our past, with other realities, with experiences stolen by time, with ourselves. And with the future we want.

Trips are for us much more than a chance for fun and good pics. Journeys have the potential to enrich us immensely, they're an exciting adventures, a great source of encouragement - from the best past minds and evolutionary turning points of history - to find new ways, to discern good and evil going beyond the narrow and deforming lenses of the present.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."  (Seneca, Roman writer and politician, 1st century A.D.)

History, thanks to the infinite evidence preserved in the streets and squares of Italian villages and cities, offers us an endless catalogue of errors and civil turns from which to draw ideas and tenacity to face our daily challenges.

History teaches us first of all critical mindset: some ideas for centuries considered unshakable - in fact founded only on the strength of tradition - failed as social and economic conditions changed, leading common mindset to a turn. In less than a century, for example, since the beginning of IV AD, in the Roman Empire have fallen, ran over by the one and all-powerful "word of God" of Christianity, hundreds of pagan gods, their cults and their mythology buried or more often reabsorbed by the new faith and its liturgy. The knowledge of the historical dynamics therefore leads us to get new awareness of how the world has gone up to today and our time is anything but a arrival point. Our worlds overloaded with weapons, medicine, and superfluous cunsumo goods, strays for a few and painful or insufficient for the crushing majority of men on the planet, are far away from the best possible world.