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Accessible Capitoline Museums tour: Endless treasures of Ancient Rome for wheelchair users

Private tour discovering the masterpieces of ancient Rome in the Capitoline Museums, accessible to seniors with limited mobility and disabled

  • Skip the line

Explore the timeless treasures of the Eternal City on this tour without any barriers.  

Accompanied by an expert and talented guide on an accessible route equipped with ramps and elevators, you will explore the magnificent collections of ancient sculptures.

With our tour specially designed to make these attractions accessible to wheelchair users it is possible to request a car for transportation to/from your hotel and to/from the airports of Rome.

Get in close contact with the many faces that over the centuries have left an indelible mark on the history of Rome such as the emperors Augustus, Trajan, and Hadrian, as well as philosophers and thinkers like Seneca, Cicero and Virgil, who forever changed Western thought.

Discover the legends of Rome through works of art and archaeological artifacts that tell the city's thousand-year. Admire the Etruscan original of the Lupa Capitolina, depicted with the twins Romulus and Remus, linked to the legendary founding of the city of Rome.

Inside the Museums you will be guided through a gallery that houses a rich selection of paintings. Among the many paintings by masters like Titian, Raffaello, and Pieter Paul Rubens, you will be fascinated by Caravaggio's dramatic use of light in his "Bacchus".

Continuing on this private tour tailored to your needs, you will be amazed by the bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback, an original Roman sculpture from the second century A.D. that was built soon after the emperor's death and placed in a wonderful exhibition space.

You will also have the opportunity to admire the great statue of Constantine, recently built in its colossal dimensions on the basis of the original remains inside the main courtyard of the Museums. The greatness of Rome is expressed in the grandeur of the statue and in the power symbols of imperial propaganda such as the globe clutched in his hand.

Due to the attention to accessibility, this museum in Rome is usable by the elderly or those with reduced mobility, offering this cultural richness without concerns of obstacles or limitations.

Group tour
Group tour
11 max.

2 hours


  • check Capitoline Museums skip-the-line tickets with direct access for disabled people and their companion, upon presentation of the supporting documents.
  • check A licensed guide trained for accessible itineraries.
  • check Wheelchair rental available.
  • check Your private tour is designed through the best accessible itineraries. You will use accesses with ramps or other wheelchair-friendly passages.
  • check When necessary you will use a lift with the support of a site’s operator coordinated in advance by our guide.
  • check Any of your additional needs or interest requested at our office in advance will be considered and granted by our team.

TOUR does't include

  • check Foods and drinks. However suggestions for accessible and good restaurants or café will be provided by our guide.

Main sites Explored in the Tour

  • check Capitoline Hill
  • check Capitoline Wolf
  • check Colossal Statue of Constantine
  • check Bust of Medusa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini
  • check The Fortune Teller by Caravaggio
  • check Romulus and Remus by Peter Paul Rubens
  • check Cupid and Psyche
  • check Saint Sebastian by Guido Reni
  • check Ruins of the Temple of Jupiter

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