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Colosseum Private Tour with Ancient Rome: into the Imperial Rome of 1 mln people

Discover, with skip-the-line tickets, Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill: gladiators and emperors, daily life and politics

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Delve into the immense history of Ancient Rome, and the beauty of its imposing ruins, enjoying an immersive experience, with skip-the-line tickets, of the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, united in the largest archaeological park in Italy.

Discover, with a private guide capable of customizing the tour based on your interests, which shows unfolded in the Colosseum over the course of a day; who the gladiators were, how they fought each other and against wild beasts; who were the Romans present at the fights. Enter the backstage of imperial propaganda, capable of calming the tensions of Imperial Rome in the blood of the arena, a multiethnic city with over a million inhabitants.

Explore the valley of the Roman Forum and the Via Sacra, let yourself be carried away by the narrations of our expert, in the days when the Senate, the temple of the Vestal Virgins, the shops, and the other buildings, now partly in ruins, were places of high-density life, so crowded that it was necessary to limit traffic in the streets with specific regulations.

Marvel at the architecture of the grand pre-Christian basilicas, where Romans once dispensed justice holding public trials. These served as a stage for the most brilliant lawyers of the time, such as Cicero, favoring their rise to power.

Join us in retracing the daily and public life of Ancient Rome, in the spaces where Romans gathered for business, politics, and sacred rites, to decree wars and victories, to listen to the speeches of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Palatine Hill, walk through the imposing imperial villas, the huge stadium, the banqueting hall, and enjoy the unmissable views of the Forum, the Circus Maximus and the Capitol Hill, once reserved only for emperors. Visit the archaeological ruins of the huts of Romulus of the VIII century B.C., understanding how Rome was born.

Understand the political strategy of Octavian Augustus, who built his residence nearby to present himself as the refounder of Rome and restorer of the ancient moral roman virtues, (thus contrasting the liberation of customs and women and sending his daughter Julia into exile for her love choices), effectively initiating the transfer of power from the Senate into his hands, becoming the first emperor of Rome without ever declaring it.

3 hrs


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  • check Licensed guides with degree in archaeology, history or equivalent
  • check Dynamic passionate guides, with excellent English and narrative skills
  • check Itinerary carefully designed by our expert team

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Wonders discovered

The best views of Rome Enjoy - from the Palatine hill - the best views of Rome: over Roman Forum, Colosseum, Tiber and city center

Why exotic animals on the arena? The arena was cinema: the empire was huge, it encompassed lands and animals of lands never seen

Why so juge Arches? They were street advertising posters. The emperors celebrated their victorious military campaigns

Certain places are inextricably linked to the turning points, often dramatic, that the lives of famous historical figures have had in those places

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