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Personalised 2-Day Rome Tour: Endless Wonders and Breathtaking Views

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Capture the beauty and history of Rome on this two-day private tour designed to maximize your experience, with panoramic terraces and breathtaking views, discovering great attractions and secret jewels at your own pace.

1° Day (Ancient Rome, city-center squares and fountains plus the Tiberin Island)

Explore the Colosseum, its excellent and functional architecture though its two interior levels. Discover the fights in the arena and who were the gladiators. Walk along the Via Sacra and the entire valley of the Roman Forum, the political and religious heart of Ancient Rome, with the Senate, the Temple and the House of the Vestals Virgins and the other imposing buildings where the Romans performed rituals for the gods and dispense justice. Meet Nero, G. Cesare, Augustus in multi-ethnic Ancient Rome with over a million inhabitants in the first century. d.c. Let yoourself be captiveted by the beauty of the Palatine Hill exploring the immense and luxurious imperial residences with the best panoramic views of Rome: the archaeological finds of the VIII sec. B.C. date back to the foundation of the city.

Immerse yourself in the centuries-old history of Rome’s squares and fountains, from the worldly Spanish Steps to the imposing Pantheon, from the Trevi Fountain to the baroque Piazza Navona, from the ingenious Piazza del Campidoglio of Michelangelo to the striking Tiberina Island. Learn about the artists, the creations background and amazing details.

2° Day (Vaticano + Castle Sant'Angelo)

Discover with our guide the historic palaces of the Vatican Museums and their art collections. Explore the uncrowded Pinacoteca with masterpieces by Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio; the Pinecone Courtyard, the Belvedere Courtyard with the best classical statues (Laocoonte and Apollo di Belvedere), and Raphael Rooms with the philosophers in the School of Athens bearing faces of contemporaries of the master with his own selfie. Aware of the passions of artists and popes of the Renaissance, discover what stories Michelangelo painted on the vault of the Sistine Chapel 20 meters high and 20 years later in the Last Judgment.

Castel Sant'Angelo is much more than a castle. Venture into the labyrinthine path inside the mausoleum (monumental burial) of Emperor Hadrian, explore the part used as a fortress in the Middle Ages to the top with the luxurious papal halls and finally the terrace of the angel, a stone’s throw from the sky, with exclusive breathtaking view.

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Wonders discovered

336 figures painted 21 meters high? What do the paintings of the Sistine Chapel tell? Why did Michelangelo change the art forever with them?

How beautiful are you Rome Capture Rome's beauty. From the right spots - we will take you - Rome's magic is endless.

Domitian Stadium on the Palatine Hill It’s just one of the huge buildings in the imperial residences complex on the Palatine Hill, ignored by tourist companies

Via Sacra: the busiest street It was the busiest way, leading to the religious, political and economic heart of ancient Rome. Today there are history lovers.

How much is left of the Colosseum? It’s well preserved but many parts have collapsed or been stolen. Find out which.

Enigmatic Viewpoint (Arch of Severus) The vertical overlap of structures in Rome is always history. For the arch of Severus - Roman Forum - the lateral perspective overlap is also.

Arch of Septimius Severus - Roman Forum It is impressive, it displays stories of war and victories. Shows (unintended) evidence of bloody conflicts between heirs to the throne

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